QuickTip - Change Default Project Location in Visual Studio

I have become frustrated with Visual Studio defaulting the file location each time I create a new project. You can change it easily by modifying a single setting within Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio when you create a new project or use the File -> Open dialog, it will default a location for you. By default this is %USERPROFILE%\source\repos.

I never want to use this location, and I found myself several times getting frustrated by the fact this happens each time I need to access the disk from Visual Studio. After the most recent frustration I decided to have a hunt through the menus and see if this was a configurable setting.

After a relatively quick search, I found the setting was in Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Locations.

Here you will find a setting called Projects location:, you can change this to your desired location and click OK to apply the change. I like to store my projects on a different drive, so I changed my default location to D:\Dev

Next time you use the File dialog, the folder it defaults to will be the one you specified in the Projects location setting. (No restart required!)

No more frustration!